Swarm Removal

Don’t spray them! We remove honey bee swarms for free! 

What is a swarm?A swarm of honey bees in Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island, Wa

A swarm is the honey bee’s natural way to propagate and form new colonies. A portion of the bees from the original colony (hive) leaves to form a new colony.

Before the bees leave, they fill up with honey and then all at once they exit the hive and then regroup nearby, hanging on a tree, a fence or other object while scout bees go out and search for a new home. With all that honey in their stomach, they live this way for a few hours to a few days. Typically the bees are quite docile at this point but as time advances and more of that honey in their stomach is used, the crankier they may become. This is the prime time to have someone come and get the bees and take them away.

If you have a honey bee swarm near Coupeville, Oak Harbor, or north Whidbey Island, please let us know right away!

We will save all the honey bees that we capture or remove and give them a new home.

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If we can’t do it, we’ll refer you to someone who can!

What we don’t do:

Cut Outs – This is when honey bees have found a small entrance into your home and have created a hive, complete with honey comb. Removing bees from inside your home is a more extensive procedure and usually requires payment.

You may contact me if honey bees are inside your home (walls, attic, etc) but I will refer you to someone who specializes in this procedure.

Yellow Jackets/Wasps/Hornets – If you find nests of wasps or hornets, please call a pest control specialist.