Hosting Bees

Are you interested in some honey produced right on your own property?
A new hive
If you are a small farm or have good acreage¬†with lots of surrounding “bee forage” (plants and flowers that honeybees enjoy) and would like to host a hive, please let us know.

Ideally there should be lots of “bee forage” on your property and within a mile or two. Lots of sunshine, especially in the morning but throughout the day is best.

I own and provide all the equipment and housing structures (bee hives), do all the maintenance and inspections. You simply provide a safe location, free of pesticides with lots of forage.

Currently we are placing potential hosts on a waiting list just in case we need more
room for expansion. If you are interested, please use the form to the right (this will ensure you get placed on the list) and select “Hive Hosting” for the subject. In the spring or as needed, I will contact you to survey your property in order to select sites that would be good for the honey bees.

There’s no cost to you and you’ll even get some very-local honey out of the arrangement!

If you are interested in being a honey bee hive host, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the form provided or call 360-720-4330.

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